What To Do After The Trade Show Is Over

Published September, 2023

If you’ve done all your planning in advance, secured the services of reliable, experienced exhibit professionals, and run an exhibit or display at a trade show. There’s one last step to make the whole thing successful. You need useful and diligent follow-ups. Here are the things you should do once the exhibit is taken down and you’re back at your office.

General Follow Ups

For people who have shown general interest and left email addresses, it is important not to let your experience slip from their recollection. It’s best to email within 48 hours of your interactions with them.

After that, second emails with more affirmative calls to action should be sent within 72 hours of the trade show ending. Again, this is just a good marketing precaution to remind interested parties of their interest and keep you fresh in their minds when other companies might have already fallen off their radar.

Lead Generation

Specific meetings you held with the intent of getting new leads require detailed, more aggressive follow-ups. Depending on the type of meeting and level of interest, leads can be as cordial as emails similar to general follow-ups, lead to more personal contacts, or even funnel those leads directly to a marketing or accounts team to start handling their needs.

These types of leads can generally be categorized into cold, warm, and hot leads, and determining this depends on the level of interest you gauge they had during the meeting.

Create Mailing Lists

For those who expressed interest or for leads, you should solidify contacts by adding them to mailing lists. This is something consent can be given beforehand or added as part of an email. Mailing lists let you send additional materials, newsletters, and other updates to keep potential clients and customers in the loop and help your marketing efforts.

Create Content About The Event

If you have a blog or news section on your website, it’s a good idea to write articles, post photos, or even videos of the event. This is good for your web presence as it can help those with interest more easily find you, and it can also help promote your business and activities to those unaware.

If you don’t maintain a blog or other news section, this can just as easily appear on your social media platforms. It’s important to have links that let people easily contact you if they wish to follow up.

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