What Roles Do Your Staff Play At A Trade Show?

Published January, 2024
What Roles Do Your Staff Play At A Trade Show?

What Roles Do Your Staff Play At A Trade Show?

It goes without saying that if you’re going to the trouble of working with exhibit services for a professional trade show presence, you’ll need to make sure your staff are prepared to do their part. But what is their part? Once you move your staff out of their actual positions in your company and put them in a trade show booth, what roles should they play? Here are a few of the roles you should consider for your staff when a trade show event arrives.

Crowd Gathering

Not every staff member has to be inside your booth. You can assign some staff just outside it or even roam the trade show, enticing visitors to come and see your booth. This is often a better tactic than simply hoping that people look up your booth in the listings or decide to visit on their own as they pass by.


When people do arrive at your booth, someone should be prepared to meet and greet them. This can also be efficient for quickly finding out where specific interests lie and directing them to the appropriate portion of your exhibit. So, for example, if you provide plumbing services that are about both repairs and remodeling and a visitor has an interest in renovations and improvements, a quick question can send that visitor over to the remodeling area.


If you have any talks or demonstrations, you’ll need presenters for this. Rehearsal and training are essential for this role, as it’s obviously all about showmanship. Presenters need to have their facts ready and be able to address the questions an audience may have. Perhaps most important of all, they must present well, making the product or service look desirable.


If there is anything in your exhibit that relies on technology, whether that is network connections, virtual reality headsets, or even displays running videos, make sure someone on staff knows how to handle these issues. If you have no technical staff, a problem with network connections right on day one of a trade show could remain unaddressed for the entire show, leaving you undercutting your effectiveness.


Finally, if you are at a trade show to do business, then having sales staff there to finalize and document deals and contracts will be essential. This shouldn’t be too difficult as, unlike most of the other roles for a trade show, sales staff are a conventional position at many companies.

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