Trade Show Presentation Tips For Maximum Impact

Published July, 2023

Your trade show display is inviting, you’ve successfully attracted guests to check out your interactive exhibit, they’ve got their swag in hand, and now it’s time for the presentation. The presentation part of a trade show will make or break the experience for a brand. It’s what leaves a lasting impression on guests and makes them remember your brand in a standout way.

The presentation will also be one of the more stressful parts of a trade show for many, mainly because they are so impactful. A few useful tips to really nail your trade show presentation are:

  • Start early – A few weeks out from the trade show isn’t the time to start creating your presentation. A month or two out isn’t the time to start creating your presentation. The right time? At least 3 months in advance. You want a presentation that’s both informative and engaging. You want your attendees to interact, and you want them to really “get” what your brand is all about by the time the presentation is over. Starting your brainstorming sessions at least 3 months before the trade show gives you plenty of time to craft the perfect experience.
  • Use measurable goals – What do you want to come from your attendance at a trade show? When all is said and done, your goal is the result that makes you think “This was a successful experience all around.” As you’re brainstorming and creating your presentation, use measurable goals to drive your creativity toward an endgame. This helps to set a clear message and makes it easier for audiences to understand what the purpose of your presentation is.
  • Short and sweet – Ideally, your trade show presentation will take no longer than about 10 minutes. Between 7 and 10 minutes is an excellent goal to set. You want to get your message across, but you don’t want to repeat yourself, make things too complicated, or lose the attention of your attendees. Afterall, you want to keep plenty of interest for your exhibit both before and after your presentation is through.

Your presentation is a big part of the experience you offer attendees at any trade show. With the right strategies and preparation, your presentation will be the highlight. To learn more about maximizing the impact of your trade show attendance, contact Lighthouse Exhibits.