Social Media Can Boost Your Trade Show Presence

Published November, 2023
The Best Trade Show Outcomes Rely On Good Research

The Best Trade Show Outcomes Rely On Good Research

Exhibit design is just one part of a successful trade show equation. Once you’ve got a design that works for you, what you do with that space is up to you. There are many different strategies that a company can employ to increase the odds of a successful outcome, but as important as exhibit design is, there is also a digital component to consider.

Social media can be an important promotional tool during a trade show, but it must be intelligently applied to get good results.

Grow Your Account Organically

Whether you are using Facebook or LinkedIn, the foundation for a good social media experience is organic growth. You can’t just create a brand new social media account for a trade show and expect it to be viewed by lots of people immediately. However, if your company made an account years ago for clients and customers and has naturally acquired a following over the years, that becomes a cornerstone.

Social media, like many effective strategies, must be nurtured early and naturally. Even if your account doesn’t have many followers at first, if you give it time and tie it into an upcoming trade show, you can grow that follower count.

Promote The Trade Show

When the trade show is happening, make sure that you’re aware of any hashtags or other signifiers the trade show may be using on social media. Since attendees and those on the outside may be following trade show activities, ensuring you use the hashtag for your own social media posts means heightened visibility at this time.

This can also be a way to entice attendees to your exhibit as special activities, demonstrations, or even giveaways and other promotions can be posted here to get attention.


Remember that the whole point of social media is to socialize. If all you’re doing is posting information without interacting with others, you won’t necessarily get the attention you’re seeking. On the other hand, when you reply to comments made to your posts, as well as comment on the posts of others, this is what social media is all about.

A higher level of engagement means a higher chance of getting a return on that engagement. Interacting with others, answering questions, or even asking some of your own can lead to additional followers for your social media accounts or even potential new leads that can be enticed to visit your exhibit, website, or sales representatives.

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