The Best Trade Show Demos Are Personalized

Published August, 2023

Trade Shows are in full swing throughout the year, and you often get better results with carefully planned and executed experience design. One area, however, that often needs special attention from companies with an exhibit at a trade show is the area of demonstrations, or “demos.” Most people agree that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and demos can effectively educate potential clients and customers about what your product or service can do.

But there are good demos and bad demos. Here’s how you make sure that your demo makes an impact.

Personal Is Better Than Universal

While it may be more efficient time and labor-wise to have your staff run through one demo and have that be your only demo for the entirety of the trade show, there are better approaches for sales. What you save in time, and resources could ultimately cost you in potential new clients or customers. The reason for this is simple. When people are interested in your product or service, they think it may be relevant to their specific needs. If they see a demo that addresses their unique concern, they are convinced you can provide the solution they’re looking for; you’ve got a new client or customer.

However, if your demo can’t show that their needs are addressed, or your staff displays uncertainty about addressing those needs, that keeps the customer on the fence, and they’re more likely to keep looking until they find someone with more confidence they can address those needs.

Learn From Attendees

The best way to give a demo is to be proactive and flexible. Don’t immediately have staff jump into a scripted, one-size-fits-all demo for everyone who enters your exhibit. Instead, encourage your team to be active listeners. Let them ask questions and find out exactly the level of interest of the person they’re talking to so they know whether to engage more meaningfully.

If the person has specific needs and concerns, let that come out in questions, and only then should staff move over to a demo, but one that specifically addresses those concerns. So, for example, if you sell employee expense reporting software, and the attendee is specifically interested in being able to check incoming reports online, on any device, demo that feature, don’t ignore it in favor of a scripted demo showing only how easy it is for employees to enter expenses.

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