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What Kind Of Marketing Materials Do You Need For A Trade Show?

Exhibit design is just one element of a successful trade show. Another important factor is the strategic use of physical marketing materials. When you create an exhibit, you create a physical space representing your business and your product/service. Marketing materials are essential to this effort, and here are the materials you should concentrate on.

Business Cards

As traditional as these may be, they are still essential. Business cards are an important provider of contract details that don’t require electrical power or Internet access. For people who are interested in initiating contact for further questions/interactions, this is a useful tool to do so.


A simple, two-sided piece of corporate literature is usually sufficient for introductory purposes. A half-page flyer is ideal for introducing your company quickly and briefly summarizing your product or service, with additional contact details included if potential customers want to know more.


Souvenirs or memorabilia items are not necessarily ways to educate potential clients and customers about your business. They are ways to have people accept your corporate branding and imagery and distribute them to other places once they leave. Stickers, buttons, pens, notebooks, and a variety of other items can all do a good job of marketing and reminding people of your company after an event is over.

Table Signs

If your exhibit design includes desks or tables for visitor interaction, tabletop signs are another good way to have more detailed information about your company. This is where you can start elaborating on certain aspects of your business and leave it up to people to ask more questions from your staff if they have any.

Retractable Floor Banners

These are easy to move and easy to set up but create a strong visual impression. Retractable floor banners are good for either building brand awareness or hitting on a single marketing point. Their purpose is to make a striking visual impression that dominates a lot of space.

Lifesize Cutouts

People love taking photo opportunities, and if you create a lifesize cutout and place it somewhere in your exhibit design, this can often act as a photo op for passersby. With the proper placement and branding, this is free marketing for you as others take photos and post those images online, helping to spread your brand organically. It’s important to choose an appealing design for this to attract shutterbugs.

If you’d like to have a trade show exhibit that meets your specific meeting needs, we can help. Contact us and ask us about exhibit design services.

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