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VR Or AR Can Make A Big Difference At A Trade Show

Technology continues to advance, and it’s not unusual for the imaginary technologies we read and see in science fiction novels, TV and film to eventually become a reality. Cellular phones, robot probes on Mars, and even the Internet were all once science fiction concepts. Now “cyberspace,” in the form of virtual reality and augmented reality, are retail technologies for entertainment and industry. They have a place in trade shows for the right product or service.

Unlimited Environments

One main advantage of virtual reality, or VR, is the ability to immerse users in a convincing sense of “presence” elsewhere. A person could be standing in a closet, but with a VR headset, they feel like they’re looking over the Grand Canyon, in a huge concert hall, or a bustling café.

VR is a way to enhance the experience of a booth that exhibit professionals have constructed. Even if a booth is short on space, you can claim all the “virtual real estate” you need in VR to truly show off your product or service in a way that puts its best foot forward. Suppose your product or service is best demonstrated in a home or industrial setting, for example. In that case, VR can put potential clients in that environment rather than using half-step measures such as small models or dioramas to ensure you still have space in your booth.

In-Depth Interactions

Augmented reality, or AR, takes the opposite approach. Rather than take users out of the existing environment and put them into a virtual one, AR virtually enhances or “augments” our everyday reality. With an AR headset, users can see cartoon characters running across tables or have multiple windows of data floating in front of their eyes without obscuring their forward vision.

For some products or services, this creates new marketing opportunities, such as showing a 3D “exploded view” of a product that can be fully interacted with without taking up any permanent space in the booth with an expensive and delicate model. It creates exciting new ways to present ideas and helps to make a booth stand apart from the others with a truly unique interactive experience that’s hard to match with older techniques and technologies. Both VR and AR have the ability to create a memorable impression when used strategically.

If you’re thinking of taking part in a trade show and want to plan your exhibit, we can help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits, and we can put our experienced, professional booth builder skills at your disposal.

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