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Video Content Is King

Video content has been an essential part of marketing for decades. Everyone agrees that good video content is effective and eye-catching from the earliest days of television, with commercials, to corporate videos professionally shot and edited to show to clients or display at exhibition events and trade shows.

However, the importance of video marketing has become even more pronounced in the online era. Moreover, that importance has doubled amid a global pandemic. So if you’re serious about strengthening your marketing presence, you need to consider good video content, and here’s why.

It’s Evergreen

One of the best parts about creating your own video content for marketing is that it has an “unlimited lifespan.” Commercials on television and radio have a specific, limited run based on a contractual agreement, at which point broadcasters stop running the ad.

While video marketing on specific social media channels operates similarly, once the ad has been created, it’s yours to do with as you wish. Even if a social media platform is no longer aggressively promoting the ad, you can still continue to use it on your own social media accounts. In addition, you can keep the ad alive and well on your website, where people can view it should they choose to visit your website. In that sense, the money invested in creating an effective video marketing tool isn’t lost once its primary broadcast period is over. You can keep using it in other ways for more return on investment.

It’s Safe

In a world suffering from a global pandemic, perhaps the most important thing about video marketing content is that properly crafted and deployed, it is safe. The cancellation of an event, such as a trade show, does not have to mean there’s no opportunity to give presentations about new products or services. Video content would have likely been a companion marketing tool to a live presentation or meeting. It can still play that role. And because this marketing is in a digital environment, people now have easy access to metrics that can inform them of specific, useful data points, such as exactly how many people have seen the content, which platforms they’ve viewed it on, and even how many have interacted with the content.

When combined with other digital forms of marketing, such as webinars and video conferences, video content can be seamlessly added to these other efforts to create effective marketing without compromising health and safety. If you’d like to know more about how to incorporate different types of marketing into your live or digital events, contact Lighthouse Exhibits.

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