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Turn Your Exhibit Into A Comfortable Home Base

When you’re at a trade show you want visitors to stick around your exhibit. The longer they’re with you, the more memorable your brand will be. They’ll get a chance to really get to know your brand message, get a feel for your personality and culture, and you’ll leave a lasting impression when making these important connections. One way to do this is by making your exhibit into a comfortable home base; a place where attendees can retreat to for a little comfort and refreshment.

Turning your exhibit into a comfortable base is one of the key ways you can make sure you stand out. It’ll set you apart from other exhibitors, putting your brand fresh into the minds of those you want to make these connections with.

A few ways to create a comfortable space with your trade show exhibit are:

  • Set up seating – After spending the better part of a day exploring a trade show, it feels good to sit down and recoup for a minute or two. Having comfortable chairs available for attendees to grab a seat and relax or reorganize is a welcome sight. While attendees are resting, it presents a perfect opportunity to demonstrate products, chat about networking, and communicate your brand personality.

  • Have charging stations available – At trade shows in 2022, many attendees will be using their devices to take notes, take photos, share contacts, and communicate. After a long day, batteries will be running low. Having charging stations available with branded wireless chargers or cords gives attendees reason to spend some quality time at your exhibit.

  • Provide refreshments – What would a refresh be without refreshments? To set up a comfortable atmosphere having refreshments available is a must. Branded bottles of water and small snack bags or wrapped candies set a caring impression that attendees won’t soon forget.

  • Keep a relaxed atmosphere – It’s not just in what you set up in your exhibit, it’s also the atmosphere you cultivate. Keeping your brand message, communication, and demonstrations relaxed helps to create more of a casual “hangout” feel that will make attendees feel welcome. They’ll look at your brand as a friend, which makes for an instantly positive impression.

Creating a comfortable space is just one way to set up a trade show exhibit that organically attracts attendees. For more custom trade show exhibit ideas contact Lighthouse Exhibits.

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