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Trades Shows Will Still Matter

Right now, the world continues to struggle with the reality of a global pandemic, and things we once took for granted, such as business activities like trade shows and seminars, have undergone radical changes. Sitting next to someone unmasked in an unventilated space, for example, is now a high-risk health move. However, both the creation of vaccines and the continuing advances in medical science is helping the world slowly return to normal.

While some things have changed in the wake of COVID-19, trade shows will continue to be an important part of business growth. This is for three crucial reasons.

Business Relationship Maintenance

Phone calls and online virtual events such as webinars or meetings are important aspects of staying in touch and maintaining business relationships. However, as numbers-driven as business is, a personal touch from people who are good with socializing and negotiation remains crucial.

Exhibits, booths, and other items of a trade show are essential, but one on one meetings continue to be one of the most important ways that businesses retain and grow relationships with clients.

Business Growth

Many potential customers or clients attend trade shows because they use a particular product or service but aren’t satisfied with it. As a result, trade shows have been essential in introducing new clients and customers to better-positioned businesses to meet their needs and expectations.

If your product or service offers superior aspects or features compared to other competitors, trade shows can be essential in convincing people to switch to you.

Educating Customers & General Consumers

One of the most important things trade shows can do is educate people about new things. A new product or service always needs an instructional/tutorial period to orient the public about the benefits. It’s essential to augment a trade show with other components, such as online marketing, videos, and other elements.

However, the traditional trade show, with its concentration of both the press and the public attendees, has proven to be crucially effective in making debuts that are eventually disseminated to other marketing channels, such as online.

This is why even as COVID-19 finally turns a corner with the distribution of vaccines, many businesses are already in the early stages of planning what they would like to do with in terms of trade show participation. Planning early will always yield better results for those that come prepared. If you’d like to know more about using trade shows for your business effectively, contact Lighthouse Exhibits.

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