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Trade Shows Have New Rules

Contrary to the fears that many had, the trade show is not only survived the pandemic but has proven its worth and remains more relevant than ever. Hybrid events that include an online component merely enhance the effectiveness of the existing trade show paradigm, but nothing can replace the effectiveness of people connecting with people and establishing meaningful, professional connections.

However, that doesn’t mean that things have gone back to business as usual in every single way. While trade shows are making a comeback, there are still many things that need to be kept in mind and observed for the safety of everyone.

Masks Will Still Matter

When both people meeting face to face are wearing masks, this vastly reduces the chances of viral infection for everyone. COVID-19 uses airborne transmission as a major delivery method, but if the person infected is masked, and the person interacted with is also masked, the chance of infection goes down considerably.

If social distancing is also observed, especially in indoor areas that rely on ventilation for air circulation, it creates a much safer experience.

Reduce Physical Contact

This is another health and safety aspect that needs to be observed and will require retraining social habits. We’re all raised to shake hands with those we meet politely, but of course, that’s a health risk during a pandemic. While airborne infections occur, droplets from sweat and other body fluids also contain the virus, so physical contact risks infection.

Take Precautions

Depending on the locale and the trade show, there may already be protocols requiring proof of vaccination before people can participate or be admitted onto the trade show floor. It’s important to remember that vaccinated people have a strong layer of protection not just against possible infection but the possibility of intensive care hospitalization even if they do contract COVID-19.

People without vaccinations are much more susceptible and run a higher risk of requiring hospitalization. If there are any employees who are not yet vaccinated or, worse yet, unvaccinated and diagnosed with immunocompromised conditions, take extra care. Put a particular focus on protecting them from possible exposure, which has a higher likelihood of resulting in severe infection,

If you’re gearing up to get back into conducting trade shows and you want to make sure your staff is ready for the realities of a post-pandemic event, we can help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits, and we can guide you through the modern trade show experience and help with digital enhancements if required.

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