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Trade Show Exhibit Concepts Perfect For Attracting Visitors

People attend trade shows to learn about products and services offered by businesses throughout particular industries. Sometimes, the events are only open to professionals within those fields. However, on other occasions, anyone can attend. Regardless of who is coming to the next trade show your company is participating in, you're going to want to try and attract as many of the visitors as possible. That will keep your brand fresh on their minds. Then, with any luck, they'll place orders or buy items right then and there. But first things first. Any one of the following trade show exhibit concepts could prove to be perfect drawing visitors in.

Rent Multiple Spaces

xz1§ One way to attract visitors to your trade show display is by going big. If the location hosting the event allows it, you may wish to rent multiple exhibit spaces. This will allow you to display more products and invite more people in at once. Or, if interactive features are what your display is all about, the extra room will ensure you can offer more of them.

Offer Free Swag

Swag stands for stuff we all get. People, including trade show visitors, love getting free things. So, why not entice guests with free pens, shirts, hats, or other items? These items will get them through the doors, so to speak. But they're the gifts that keep on giving because they increase brand recognition and build relationships between businesses and clients.

Host A Contest

Who doesn't like to play games? Hosting a contest could be exactly what your trade show display needs to attract visitors, visitors, and more visitors. The game doesn't have to be all that extravagant. For example, you could have a jar of jelly beans sitting out for people to guess how many are inside. Then, the person who gets the closest or answers correctly can something like branded swag. However, if you're all about going big, you could go that route. For instance, the person that touches a new car the longest could win that prize. It's a win-win for you. That's because visitors will come in droves to visit your display, and the buzz will quickly begin to spread about your firm, in general.

Some Last Words

Does the mere thought of planning a trade show exhibit make you want to run for the hills? Don't fret if that's the case because our full-service exhibit company is here to help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to discuss your options today.

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