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Trade Show Display Tips

Will your business be involved in a trade show soon to promote products and services? If that's the case, the display you use should be visually appealing to dazzle and amaze. The exhibit needs to command attention from onlookers, making them want to stop in and say hi. But of course, creating such a design can be easier said than done. It doesn't have to be, though, not with these tips.

Ensure The Display Isn't Cluttered

People often believe they must use up all an exhibit's space. Although they should get the most out of their displays, individuals don't have to use all of the space they have. That can leave things looking cluttered and out of sorts. Going this route can be a recipe for disaster. That's because when folks stop to see what a company brings to the table, the message can get lost in the mix. So, don't clutter your exhibit with too much furniture, signage, etc., or the trade show result you seek could only be a pipe dream.

60/30/10 Color Scheme

Most companies don't want their trade show exhibits to be boring. Yet, that's exactly how some can turn out without the correct color scheme being applied. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, it is best to use a 60/30/10 approach as far as shades are concerned. Sixty percent of the space should be covered with a primary paint color of your choosing. This hue will tie the entire design together. Meanwhile, approximately 30 percent of the display must be a secondary color. That shade will create contrast, making the overall design easy on the eyes. Finally, an accent color needs to be used across 10 percent of the exhibit. This aspect will catch people's attention, drawing them to vital pieces of art or text.

Use Interactive Elements

People enjoy when trade show displays feature interactive elements. They like taking quizzes, watching videos, and getting lost in virtual reality experiences. Then again, educational seminars could be the perfect way to go. It is up to you as to what kinds you use. However, interactive elements are worth considering because they can draw people in and keep their attention for a while. Are you ready to take your trade show display to the next level? A full-service exhibit company can help with that. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to schedule an appointment and get started today.

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