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Three Video Conferencing Backdrop Ideas To Help You Look More Professional

Video conferencing has become the go-to for some many sales and marketing teams during the pandemic. As many of us are working from home, we tend to just choose a simple background like our bookcase or a blank wall when talking to prospective and valued customers. However, there are some ways you can mix up your backdrop to provide a more professional image. Here are three easy backdrop ideas that will look great and promote your brand.

1. Banner Stands

Since we are not attending trade shows for the time being, that doesn’t mean we still can’t use our banner stands. Banner stands are a great backdrop for video calling. They are fully branded and can make your guests feel like they are meeting with you at a trade show. Just make sure that your camera is flipped so that the logo and content on your banner are not flipped. You can also use posters, background walls, and banners.

2. Digital Background

Digital backgrounds are an excellent way to create an engaging backdrop. You can use pictures of your product, your business, or even just your logo. Zoom has a number of digital background templates for free that you can use as well. If you’d like to get really creative, you can also use a video as a background. Just make sure that whatever you use isn’t too distracting, so that your audience focuses on you and your message.

3. Do A Side By Side

If you are planning on presenting a slide presentation, consider doing a side-by-side video. These videos have you and the presentation on the same screen. This method is more personal than just a basic screen share. What’s really great about doing a side by side is you can also create a frame for yourself and the presentation. This frame can be branded with your logo and brand colors or can simply be aesthetic.

Deploying one of these three easy backdrop ideas will ensure that your video conferencing looks really professional and polished. The team at Lighthouse Exhibits can help. We offer a number of products like pop-up banners, background walls, and wall decals that can provide a great backdrop for you and your team. Give us a call at 1-773-213-2076 and we can go over some ideas with you and create a backdrop that really stands out.

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