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Three Strategies To Get More Visibility At A Virtual Trade Show

As we all learn to navigate the new normal of virtual trade shows, we start to understand the things we should do. One of the more challenging goals in a virtual trade show is standing out. At in-person trade shows, booth design, staff members engaging in networking events, and smart display advertising can help. However, it is trickier to get the same level of visibility at a virtual trade show.

There are some effective strategies that can increase your visibility digitally. Here are three of them:

1. Invest In Digital Ads

Virtual event hosts provide a variety of advertising opportunities. They offer banner ads, place ads in their emails, and even do social media boosts. Those ads will appear before, during, and after the event, so they have a longer staying power than more traditional trade show advertising materials. Consider running ads as part of your strategy to not only let attendees know that you are present but get them interested in stopping by your virtual booth as well.

2. Get The Email List

The vast majority of trade shows have an attendees email list. Obtain this and put together an email marketing strategy. Reach out before the show to announce your attendance, schedule meetings, and advertise your products and services. Do the same thing during the show to remind people to visit your virtual booth.

Email the attendees after the show, too. It is a good idea to do two separate reach-outs. For the attendees you have spoken with, send a personalized follow-up. For those whom you did not speak with, send a “sorry we missed you” email with some information about your products and services.

3. Engage In Discussions

Most virtual trade shows have a discussion platform where industry experts can talk about various topics. Before the show, get active on those boards. Make sure to understand the topics, the hashtags, and how the platform works. Then, participate in the discussions. This is a great way for people to see your brand in action.

Incorporating these three strategies into your next trade show plan can help boost brand awareness effectively and affordably. For professional help, contact Lighthouse Exhibits today. We offer a range of services to improve brand visibility, including design solutions and technical support that will allow you to get the most of your next virtual trade show.

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