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The Usefulness Of Virtual Events Extends Beyond The Pandemic

The global pandemic of the last couple of years has had profound effects on nearly every industry. Of course, this has been keenly felt for events and exhibitions since large gatherings of people without proper ventilation, social distancing, or masks raise the likelihood of viral transmission.

It’s because of this that virtual events have become a substitute for many. However, it’s essential to realize that even when the pandemic eases and life returns to normal, the virtual event should not be abandoned entirely.

Playing The Numbers Game

One of the biggest reasons to continue to maintain virtual events as a part of marketing is accessibility. Today, we think of virtual events as a substitute when in-person gatherings pose a health risk. However, for many, virtual events may be a more practical—or even more convenient—way to interact with others and provide the lead generation that businesses are looking for.

For example, some people, either due to budgetary considerations or to real-world factors such as physical disabilities, may find travel to an onsite event impractical. Virtual events, however, allow these people to attend and provide interactions and leads that might have otherwise never occurred under conventional exhibition circumstances.


Another important aspect of virtual events is that they naturally lend themselves to being preserved. Because of the digital nature of a virtual event, recording the entire event is easy to do. Once recorded, the event can be made available for free or for sale to those who missed the initial date but would like to access the content.

With traditional, in-person events, preservation and accessibility either require planning by having someone record the event with a camera to broadcast later or luck in hoping someone with a phone is using their video camera and agrees to share it.

Preservation means that the content produced for the event is not lost. Perhaps more importantly, it can be further used for educational, promotional, and business purposes. An exceptionally productive event that is well received can enjoy a “half-life” beyond the event itself. This adds to the content and material you have available to you for advancing your various business agendas.

Take Advantage Of These Opportunities

Remember that while the pandemic has certainly had an effect on in-person events, virtual events have uses beyond being an in-person substitute. Proper planning and deployment of virtual events assist businesses in ways similar to traditional trade shows and exhibition events. If you’d like to know more, contact Lighthouse Exhibits.

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