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The Secret To A Successful Trade Show Is Messaging

Deciding to take part in a trade show involves a lot of work. Part of it is the physical consideration, such as securing your exhibit space and then working with exhibit professionals to build an exhibit that will serve your needs. However, it’s not enough to just have a space; you have to take the right actions while you’re in it.

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do before and during the event is to consider and execute good messaging.

You’ve Only Got One Shot

The goal of attending a trade show depends entirely on your own business needs. Do you want to generate awareness of a new product or service you offer? Do you want to expand your business network and reach out to new potential partners or clients? Are you entering a new market and need to introduce your brand?

Any of these goals can be achieved to great success in a trade show setting, but they are dependent on your execution. A trade show means hundreds or even thousands of people passing by an exhibit on any given day. They are often not looking for you specifically, so you only have a short window of opportunity to make them aware of who you are.

Plan Carefully

Your messaging should be a single idea tied into your trade show goal that you want to be able to impart to people that visit your exhibit quickly. Even if your goal is to introduce your business, this doesn’t mean that you do so with long, drawn-out, complicated introductions. Your messaging should be “modular.”

This means that people should be intrigued, or at least get a general impression of your message even from just passing by. And if they’re in a hurry and only planning to visit your exhibit for a few minutes, or even less, the messaging should be able to communicate itself even in a brief visit.

Successful messaging is about understanding the market you are targeting, knowing their priorities, and addressing those priorities in a short, easy-to-understand communication that ties back to your product, service, or brand. You need to clearly outline the benefit of your message to ensure that it’s the most memorable part of your marketing. You may use other tactics, such as engaging visuals or interactivity, but the core message must be embedded.

If you’re thinking of taking part in a trade show and want to plan your exhibit, we can help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits, and we can assist you with designing and constructing your trade show exhibit.

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