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Six Ideas For B2B Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing used to be primarily used by B2C marketers to reach their audience. However, in the era of COVID-19, with trade shows and industry conferences cancelled, many B2B marketers are turning to social media to promote their brand. If you are new to social media marketing or simply looking for new ideas, we have put together six easy ideas to inspire your B2B social media marketing campaign.

1. Create An Infographic

Infographics are great because they distill a large amount of information into one visual. They can show processes, provide information about your products, or speak to the market. Another excellent thing about them is that they are shareable, and social shares drive more business.

2. Host A Live Webinar

Most social media platforms now have livestreaming capabilities. Using a livestream, you can host a webinar to display your products, explain your services, or even teach people about your industry. Just see to it that you market the event and test your technology before going live.

3. Offer A Discount

Discounts always get the attention of potential customers. There are many ways you can offer discounts, including the following:

● Provide a coupon code

● Offer a referral discount

● Hold a contest

● Incentivize follows and shares

4. Introduce Your Team

B2B marketing is all about relationships. Applying that method to social media is highly effective. Create profiles for your team members so your audience can get to know your company. Doing so will build trust and personalize your brand too.

5. Show Industry Leadership

Sharing industry expertise will allow you to position your brand as a thought leader. To do so, try any of these:

● Sharing relevant news stories and media releases

● Publishing white papers and e-books

● Creating or sharing an industry report

● Hosting an instructional webinar or podcast

6. Highlight Your Partners

Publicizing your partnerships doesn’t just build a stronger relationship with your partners but helps you reach their audience as well. Promote their successes and connect them to your own. You can do that by sharing one of their posts with a congratulatory message.

Capitalizing on social media is an efficient way to reach your audience, generate leads, and increase conversions. The best part about social media is that it is cost-effective, so you can experiment to see what works. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

If you need any help with your graphic design or other digital marketing pieces for your social media campaign, contact Lighthouse Exhibits today. Make sure to check out our blog too for other great B2B marketing ideas during COVID.

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