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Should You Run A Video During Your Trade Show?

Taking advantage of exhibit services to create a professional booth and display for a trade show is an essential early step in a successful trade show experience. However, other marketing factors can influence your outcome, and one of these is whether or not to incorporate some kind of video marketing content.

Here are a few tips to ensure that it's a successful venture if you go the video route.

Ensure Your Video Is Silent Friendly

One of the biggest mistakes exhibitors make when creating a trade show video is failing to anticipate viewing conditions. A typical trade show floor is packed with people talking, as well as music and announcements coming from every direction.

This can make watching a video where sound is crucial a challenge. When designing a trade show video, always edit it to be viewed and understood without necessarily being able to hear the audio. This ensures that visitors will always understand your message no matter what noises are happening in the area.

It’s a Teaser, Not An Essay

Video content should be short and impactful. Get the message across as quickly as possible because few people will be willing to stand in a trade show environment and watch a detailed 5-10 minute video. Always treat your video as a tease or sales introduction, encouraging people to get more in-depth information from your staff, website, or corporate literature. Stick to the most important points, and leave the details for a concerted inquiry into your business.

Recycle That Video

Just because a video is made for a trade show doesn’t mean that it can’t continue to be of use. While earlier advice like ensuring a video doesn’t require sound to be understood is crucial, audio can still be added as an accent for the eventual use of a video beyond your exhibit.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of investing in producing a video that quickly and easily promotes your product or service, make sure you get a return on that investment by using the video wherever you can once the trade show is over. It can be added to your repertoire of videos on your website, can be used for marketing purposes on different social media, or even used again at future trade shows if the content remains relevant.

If you’re thinking of taking part in a trade show and want to plan your exhibit, we can help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits, and we can assist you with designing and constructing your trade show exhibit.

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