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Should You Manufacture Swag For Your Trade Show?

For anyone who has attended a trade show, one of the things many people look forward to is coming back with a big collection of “swag.” Swag is just the nickname for the many free promotional items that businesses give away at events as a means of promotion.

Swag can take many different forms, but the main purpose is to act as a piece of “portable branding and marketing” for visitors. But is this something you should consider for your trade show?

Why It Matters

Marketing is all about making an impression on a potential client or customer. However, that impression isn’t delivered in just one way or only during one particular time frame. That is certainly the case with some forms of marketing, such as advertising on television, radio, or even online, which delivers a message to the audience, hoping that some of them will be receptive.

However, swag operates differently. Because this is an item that people take with them, it can act as a more constant reminder and marketing item. When brought home, or, in the best cases scenarios, used regularly, the businesses' branding, message, and marketing are re-exposed as a reminder to the potential client and others that come into contact with that person. In other words, it provides more constant, passive marketing long after the broadcast period for a commercial has ended.

Swag Design

Designing swag, or promotional items, is, of course, a matter of your budget versus the type of impression you want to make. Swag comes in various standardized items popular for use at trade shows. Tote bags, for example, are extremely popular trade show items, as people use these to put in other swag, but they are large and visible, so everyone can see the branding as they are carried around.

However, other swag items are popular because of their use beyond the trade show event itself. USB memory sticks, for example, are extremely useful to many people for different storage purposes, from videos to music to program files, and so are always welcomed and regularly put into use, making for higher visibility. On the other hand, t-shirts, mugs, or even office stress balls are other items that can be used regularly yet continue to make a non-invasive, visible presence in the environment that acts are a reminder.

If you’re thinking of taking part in a trade show and want to plan your exhibit, we can help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits, and we can assist you with designing and constructing your trade show exhibit.

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