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Phillip Jeffries And Lighthouse Exhibits Create For BDNY 2023

When boutique design and exhibit design join forces, incredible things happen. For BDNY, or Boutique Design New York, Lighthouse Exhibits and Phillip Jeffries worked together once again to create an experience for attendees of the 2023 BDNY trade fair for hospitality and boutique design professionals.

Specializing in wall coverings, Phillip Jeffries really wanted to showcase how they can set a scene with their expert designs. They had a vision that encompassed how wall coverings can change both large and small spaces, so the exhibit focused on clean lines and a blank canvas that could be transformed depending on the wall coverings being shown.

The outside of the exhibit featured a wall covering with a peaceful abstract forest scene, welcoming attendees to a serene and curious space. When attendees stepped inside, they found an accent wall covering of a mountain scene, simple cabinets with clean lines and no hardware, and smaller framed wall coverings acting as art placed on neutral walls. Not only did the design of the cabinetry add to the streamlined look of the space, but they also served to hide promotional materials like sample catalogues and fan decks to keep a clean and simple theme with still readily available sample materials.

Nature themes weren’t the only on-trend part of the Phillip Jeffries exhibit, spinner displays also created an interesting interactive experience. These spinner displays allowed attendees to compare the look of authentic hemp, polished plaster, and wood to printed vinyl or canvas counterparts, really showing just how excellent Phillip Jeffries is at creating authentic looking wall coverings.

Lighting really made the exhibit stand out, even from a distance. Show lighting located on trusses around the exhibit offered the perfect amount of lighting to show off the wall coverings, creating a polished and interactive harmony between light and design. Making use of the trusses created enough light to make the exhibit visible even across the trade fair, but it never overwhelmed the real star of the show – the wall covering designs.

Lighthouse Exhibits is excited to work alongside Phillip Jeffries again on something fresh, new, and exciting at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for the HD Expo + Conference on May 2nd through the 4th. To learn more about the Phillip Jeffries BDNY 2023 exhibit, read on here.

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