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Outdoor Trade Show Exhibit Ideas

Most people think of convention centers when they have thoughts of trade shows. It is true that the events are often held in such environments. However, that isn't always the case. Outdoor venues also host these affairs on occasion. Speaking of the latter, that is the focus here today. Business owners participating in upcoming outdoor trade shows should consider these exhibit ideas.

Use A Tent

Let's face it; the weather isn't always predictable. Just ask anyone that has ever gotten rained on after a TV weather personality told them the sun would be shining on a particular day. Using a tent for your outdoor trade show display will give visitors a place to run for cover to escape raindrops. Then again, people might even want to duck in for a bit for some shade on bright and sunny days. Regardless of if it's the weather that brought the guests there, they are there. Thus, your exhibitors should be able to take advantage of this. They can pitch them your brand, products, services, etc., to generate leads and sales.

Umbrellas And Seating

If there is enough space and you don't want to confine everyone to a tent, how about setting up beach umbrellas and chairs? It can be tiring walking around a trade show in the blistering heat. As such, guests often want nothing more than a cool place to sit and rest for a bit. Hence, give them a nice little section to do just that with comfy seating and beach umbrellas. Then, as people arrive, the exhibitors can engage in conversations with them to promote the business. Additionally, if the weather permits, you may want to consider adding interactive elements. For instance, tablets on tables under the umbrellas could be used by visitors to learn about your brand with minimal interaction from anyone else.

Swag Or Private Label Products

Have you thought about getting some swag or private-label products to give away at your exhibit? These items can draw people to the display and exhibitors can take it from there. The types of items will vary. For example, some companies might want to give away water bottles featuring their logos to guests, who can use them to quench their thirst. Or how about a visor featuring your brand's name and colors? People will appreciate you helping them keep the sun out of their eyes. Do you need help with your trade show exhibit? Don't fret if so because top-notch assistance is only a phone call away. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today.

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