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Not All Social Media Channels Will Work For Your Business

A global pandemic has meant that more physically-based marketing and promotion aren’t always the best way to move forward. As concerns about COVID-19 continue to dominate people’s minds, health and safety take understandable priority for many businesses unwilling to put their operations at risk with an avoidable epidemic.

This meant more recent trends in marketing, such as digital social media marketing, have risen in prominence, not just as a secondary means of promotion but as an alternative to traditional exhibitions and events. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become major “virtual spaces” where people gather.

People with interest in effective digital marketing already know that targeting social media is a good idea. However, it’s essential to use the proper marketing on the right platform. One size does not fit all.

It’s All About Demographics

The most important thing for any marketing effort to understand about social media channels is that they are not universal. Different demographics comprising various age groups and interests will gravitate toward different social media platforms, so it’s impossible to find one social media platform where “everyone” is.

However, this is not a bad thing once marketing leaves behind the traditional notions of marketing. Any business or service will only be of interest to specific markets. Someone who is in their teens, for example, will have no need or interest in dietary supplements for the elderly, for example. However, there was no way to reach out to the specific intended audience for a product or service before digital marketing. Traditional radio, television, and print marketing simply had to reach the broadest possible number of the general public and hope that somewhere, in there, the audience they actually wanted to reach would see it.

This is no longer true with digital marketing. Metrics are provided on the age range, interests, and other demographic information of different people. As a result, it’s now possible to target the audience that would be most receptive to a product or a service more precisely.

Pick Your Channel

Which social media channel is right for you is entirely dependent on the type of audience you want to reach. For example, the “boomer generation” is found mainly on Facebook, so if your product or service is relevant to anyone born before the year 1965, this is likely the place you want to be on.

However, if you want to target executives, or businesses with B2B services, LinkedIn, a social media channel for professionals, might be more appropriate. If you’d like to know more, contact Lighthouse Exhibits.

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