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Make Sure You’re Warmed Up For Your Trade Show Experience

We’re slowly getting over the hump of a global pandemic, and one thing that’s been made abundantly clear in that time is there’s still a great need for trade shows. There’s nothing quite like seeing a product or service demonstrated in person, as well as meeting the people who are behind them and like-minded peers. Trade shows are roaring back, and more and more people will be attending them.

If your business is warming up and thinking of getting back into the trade show circuit, there are things you need to dust off and consider, especially if this is your first time back after a year or more of inactivity. Here’s what you should be revisiting as you get ready to exhibit at trade shows.

Update Your Contact List

It’s easy to have let this one slip over the last couple of years. If you haven’t been attending events, making appointments, and generating new business, the email list you were using before the pandemic will need a serious reevaluation and overhaul. Some companies may no longer be in operations, while new ones will have entered the field.

Make sure you go over your list of contacts and ensure it’s current so you don’t waste time chasing down business leads that are no longer in play.


If you’re ready to “hit the road” again after a year or more of trade show inactivity, now might also be a good time to revisit your business image and branding. You’re going to be putting up exhibits, giving out business cards, and having more people visit your website. How old is your branding? Could your logo use a redesign, or maybe it’s time for an entirely new one?

Are you happy with the state of your business cards, or are there more things you’d like to add to them, like links to new social media platforms or removing social media links you no longer use? Remember to keep all this current.

Your Website

A trade show means more people will be visiting your website. Review your content to make sure that everything works as intended, all your links and pages are still live and current, and you don’t have any pages no longer relevant or have new services that still don’t have a web presence.

If you want to make sure you’re ready for your next trade show, we can help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits, and we can assist you with both analog and digital trade show concerns.

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