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How To Write The Perfect Follow-Up Letter After A Virtual Event

Once a virtual event is over, you will have a list of leads like after any standard trade show. However, virtual events are different than in-person ones. You only get a short window with people, you talk to a lot more individuals, and you tend to only talk to someone once throughout the conference. During in-person events, on the other hand, there are times when you can build your new relationships over the course of the week. That is why your follow-up email strategy must also be different. Here is a short guide on how to write a great follow-up after a virtual trade show.

Define Your Goals And Objectives

Before sending your email, determine what it is you would like to achieve. Are you planning to build a long-term relationship? Are you trying to close a sale? Are you looking to trade information and start a partnership? When you write your email, include your goals in plain language. Clearly stating the purpose of the follow-up will help the recipients engage with the content.

Highlight The Context

Business owners meet so many people at trade shows that it is normally hard for them to remember everyone. However, it is even more difficult at virtual conferences because the format prevents people from making memorable connections.

Because of that, you should not only reference whom you met at the virtual trade show but also include something that will help trigger their memory of your conversation. For example, if you talked about the city they are from, you can mention something currently going on in their local area. This will help them recall your encounter and your chat.

Include A Call To Action

A call to action helps the reader understand the next steps to take in order to build the relationship or close the sale. It can be anything from an invitation to have a virtual meeting to where to purchase the product they were interested in to a quote form for the service you discussed. In providing that kind of information, you can begin the process of closing the sale.

Sending follow-ups after a virtual trade show will help you establish the relationship and build upon your connection. Keep in mind the differences between virtual and in-person trade shows when writing your follow-up. That way, the recipients will remember who you are and what got them interested in your products or services. Eventually, they will take action to close the sale.

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