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How To Write A Follow Up To Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a great way to reach your audience and let them know more about your brand, promotions, and drive sales. However, email marketing campaigns in general have a generally low conversion rate. So it can often take multiple touches to engage your customers and drive your sales. However, email marketing is a volume game. Though the conversion rates per individual email may be low, they build over time to high conversion rates. Fortunately, email marketing is also very affordable, so it’s easy to develop a robust email marketing campaign complete with follow ups. Here are some tips to ensure that you write a great follow-up email.

Plan Your Follow-Ups Ahead Of Time

When writing the first email of your email marketing campaign, consider the actions. For example, a recipient may ignore the email, open the email, click on the content in the email, or respond to the email. When developing your follow-ups, you should have a targeted strategy for each action. For example, if the recipient ignored the email, your follow-up should be a message about how you don’t want them to miss the offer or that you just want to make sure they are getting the emails. While if they went to your website and purchase a product or service, your follow-up email should be a thank you.

Keep The Content Brief And Valuable

When writing a follow-up, keep it simple and short. Think about follow-ups as a reminder, rather than just another sales pitch. Most people are really busy, so they don’t have time to read lengthy emails, especially not multiple lengthy emails. Instead, follow up with a quick one or two sentence long email that highlights the key points. Make sure that the points offer valuable information about your brand, product, or service. Keeping the follow-up brief will help maintain your efforts but it will also keep you from having a high opt-out rate.

Time Your Follow-Ups Strategically

Finally, make sure that you send your follow-ups at a good time. Ideally, you want to wait around three days. Too soon before that can seem like you are pestering your audience. While, on the other hand, too soon after that time they may forget about the first email. Also make sure that the follow-up emails arrive at a good time of the day. Generally, 10-11 am is a great time for engaging people, so aim for around them.

These follow-up strategies will help you build strong email marketing conversion rates over time. These are also good rules to follow for after a trade show or virtual event. For more email marketing ideas, check out our blog at Lighthouse Exhibits. We are here to support marketers and ensure their efforts are successful.

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