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How To Make An Attention-Grabbing Banner Ad

Oftentimes trade show organizers offer packages for presenters. In those packages they often offer a variety of marketing opportunities, sometimes included in the price. One of the most common is banner ads for the organizers website and emails. These banner ads are a great opportunity to gain visibility with your key audience, especially with some many trade shows being virtual during COVID. They can help drive more traffic to your booth and expand your brand presence. Here are some tips to get the most out of your next banner ad.

1. Focus On Readability

Most people only glance at banner ads. Thus it is really important to ensure that the ad can be read quickly. Clear font with a good contrast ratio with the background will help the message standout. Avoid cursive and overly fuzzy font designs. Also, make sure not to overload your design with text. A good standard for easily read content is to have your brand, a short message, and a call to action.

2. Offer A Clean Design

Keep your design crisp and clean. Make sure the frame is really defined because people’s eyes will be naturally drawn to the frame. Keep the content really simple by only focusing on one keep graphic element. If you clutter your ad with a lot of colors and graphics, it can be too busy and your message will be lost. If you want to make your banner ad more eye-catching, consider creating an animated gif.

3. Match Your Ad To The Background

Go and look at the trade show organizer’s website. Note what the key colors and background look like on the webpage. If the banner ad is going into an email, review a few of their past marketing emails. You want your ad to stand out but also complement the background. This makes the ad feel native to the website and helps build trust in the content.

4. Develop The Whole Pipeline

When you run an ad, people will click on the ad to find more information. Make sure that you create a full sales pipeline to support the ad. For example, if your banner ad highlights a new product you are launching, have the ad redirect to a webpage about the product. You can also create a landing page dedicated to capturing conversions from the ad. You can also incentivize the customer at this point and do something to offer a discount to the attendees of the trade show.

These tips will ensure that your banner ad stands out and converts. Running ads for your next trade show can help you get more leads, especially when a trade show is virtual. So take advantage of the offer and make a great ad. For more tips on trade show marketing, check out our blog at Lighthouse Exhibits. We offer tons of tips, tools, and advice to help you grow your brand presence.

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