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How To Introduce Yourself Over Email And Leave A Lasting Impression

Every marketer agrees that cold reach-outs can be a bit awkward. You do not want to be skipped over or end up in the junk folder. You also do not want to come off as needy or demanding. In addition, although you know that you are providing value, you are not always sure if your message will resonate with the recipient.

If you are not getting a great return on your cold reach-outs or you just need some guidance, we are here to help. Here are some strategies that will help you make a positive impression with your introduction emails:

1. Write An Attention-Grabbing Subject Line

Anyone tracking your open rates can tell you if recipients do not even get past your subject line. The subject line is truly the most important part of your introduction. You can write the most compelling email in history, but if no one opens it, it will not matter. So take the time to craft a unique and engaging subject line.

2. Focus On The Reader

The opening line of any email is equally crucial. Many email providers show the first line with the subject line, so it has to stand out.

Start with why you are specifically reaching out to the recipient. Reference their work or the connection that brought you to them. For example, start your email with something like “I read your recent blog on XYZ publication” or “I really enjoyed your talk at XYZ tradeshow.” These show that you are not just sending blanket emails and are trying to build a relationship.

3. Be Specific In The Body Of The Email

Though it is ideal to keep introduction emails brief, it is also advisable to mention why you are reaching out. Make the explanation specific to the recipient and their needs. Do not just explain the offering—highlight its value as well. Then follow it up with a simple call to action. “Do you have five minutes for a phone call?” is better than “Buy our premium subscription package.”

Cold reach-outs can be nerve-racking. However, following these tips will help make them easier and lead to a higher level of response. Keep each email concise, personal, and engaging.

At Lighthouse Exhibits, we are here to help B2B marketers succeed. If you are looking for more tips and tricks to help you generate leads and grow your business, check out our blog today.

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