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How To Host A Successful Virtual Trade Show

With in-person trade shows canceled for the time being, many organizations are turning to virtual trade shows. Virtual trade shows are a great opportunity for exhibitors to reach their customers without the risks. However, if you’ve never hosted a virtual trade show before, it can seem very overwhelming. Fortunately, if you approach it with the right strategy, your event will be successful. Here is how to host a successful virtual trade show.

Set Your Intention

Before beginning any planning, make sure that you set your intention. Think about not only why you want to host a virtual trade show, but what you hope participants get out of the trade show. It’s a good idea to write down your goals and intentions and use that list as a reference point during the planning process. Call a meeting with your team and go through the list and think about what you will need for each piece of the trade show. From there you can begin really planning the event.

Practice Makes Perfect

As you plan, always remember that practice makes perfect. So make sure to do a lot of testing during the planning process. Test your equipment, test your platform, test your marketing efforts. The more you test, the more practice you’ll get for the big event. Also, during the testing, you’ll be able to identify any technical issues and resolve them before the event. Finally, make sure that you don’t just test the host end, you are also testing the user end so that your guests will have a great experience.

Use The Right Platform

The most important part of planning a virtual trade show is using the right platform. You want to make sure that whatever platform you choose has all the valuable features you need. First, make sure the platform can handle the expected number of exhibitors and attendees. Next, make sure the platform offers plenty of ways for exhibitors, presenters, and attendees to communicate. Finally, make sure the platform has marketing opportunities for both your organization and other exhibitors.

If you are hosting your first trade show, the experts at Lighthouse Exhibits can help. We have developed the Nexhibit Hall. The platform can be utilized by both large organizations and small businesses. The platform is easy to use and offers all the features you need to really host a successful event. Give us a call to get started.

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