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How To Choose A Topic For Your Webinar

Webinars are an excellent way to engage your audience and promote your brand. Doing a regular webinar series is an excellent way to grow your audience. However, it can be a bit tricky to pick a topic for your webinars. It needs to be engaging enough to inspire attendance but also relevant to your brand and your current marketing push. Here are some tried and true ways to come up with the topic for your next webinar.

Review Your Frequently Asked Questions

Your frequently asked questions are a great reflection of the information that your customers most need. Addressing these questions in length on a webinar can be really attractive. If you have a FAQ page, review the questions and think about which ones you can build out for a webinar. You can also look into your email correspondence or think back to commonly asked questions when you met with clients. Answering these questions will not just provide an engaging webinar, it helps you create an excellent resource you can use again and again when this question comes up.

Review Your Blog Traffic

Make a list of your top performing blog posts. These are all the topics that not only are interesting to your existing customers, but help attract new customers. Taking the topics from these blogs and reworking them into a webinar format is a great idea. It not only saves time on creating webinar content, but will ensure that your webinar is popular with your customers.

Set Up An Industry-Focused Google News Alert

Newsjacking is a term for when you take a popular news story and connect it to your brand. Following the emerging and popular stories in your industry can help you find interesting topics for your audience. Start by setting up a Google News alert. You will get a notification anytime a relevant story hits the news. Focus on stories that reflect emerging industry trends, the impact of regulatory changes, or anything that impacts your whole industry. Then you can create relevant content that applies to the news and your brand.

Using these tools, you can identify a number of webinar topics that ensure that your audience will want to attend. For more webinar ideas, tips, and strategies, make sure to follow our blog at Lighthouse Exhibits. We’ve put together a lot of helpful information on creating and promoting a webinar.

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