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How To Build Brand Awareness At A Trade Show

If you’re trying to grow your company’s reputation, or even just opening operations in a new state or another area, and need to introduce your product or service to the region, building brand awareness at a trade show is one of the most effective ways to do this. Here are a few tips for doing just that once you’ve secured reliable exhibit services.

Use Digital Geotargeting

Many attendees will be using their mobile devices at the show, enabling geotargeting to allow others to see their location. If you take advantage of geotargeting, you can use this feature to send digital marketing to people in the area and thus would be more receptive and in a better position to respond to your product or service. This is a good enhancement to the typical legwork you and your team will put in over the trade show to reach out to people.

Host A Reception

It’s an investment, but the lure of business, social networking, and food and beverages can go a long way toward attracting people. Once they are there, it gives you a concentrated time and place to focus on building your brand.

Receptions are one of the best ways to gather a large group of potential customers and clients in one place for you and your marketing team to approach.

Speak At An Event

Another effective way to build brand awareness is to seize speaking opportunities. If you are comfortable speaking about your expertise on a product or service or have thoughts about your industry, you raise your profile considerably by taking to the podium and talking about it.

Establishing your credibility and engaging with a crowd is a fast way to educate people about your business and that you are ready to help them.

Demonstrate At Another Exhibit Or Event

A good way to help more people be aware of your product or service is to show it. If there is another exhibit or an event where you can demonstrate exactly how your business works, this is a fast way to introduce large groups of people to what you’re capable of providing and opens the way to generating more interest and possible visits to your exhibit once the time comes.

Always remember that trade shows are a concentration of people and activity over a few days. If you can work with good exhibit services and exploit this time, you can get great results.

If you’d like to have a trade show exhibit that meets your specific meeting needs, we can help. Contact us and ask us about exhibit design services.

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