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Fun Trade Show Exhibit Ideas

People don't want the same old song and dance going from one exhibit to the next at a trade show. Rather, the visitors want the place to have wow factors that set them apart from others. Even though attendees are there to learn about products/services and make connections, they still want to have fun. One of the following ideas could be perfect for your next display. If you choose wisely, the option is sure to attract an audience, generating leads, and, with any luck, increase sales.

Have A Raffle

If you want future ad campaigns to have a leg up, holding a raffle could be the way to go. You can have people sign up with their emails, names, addresses, and phone numbers. Then, you'll already have the contact information for the next venture. So, what should you give away as the prize? Obviously, the answer to this will vary from one company to the next. However, it should always be something associated with your business. For instance, if your firm sells goods, use them as the rewards. Winners that haven't used them before will soon find out what your place brings to the table. Don't fret if you run a service-based business. Instead, why not entice trade show guests to participate with an industry-related device?

Book Live Entertainment

Let's face it; people like to be entertained. Therefore, providing that it doesn't violate any rules, give individuals what they want with live entertainment. The kind depends on the message you're trying to deliver. For example, if you want a laid back vibe, a comedian or band could do the trick. What about a local celebrity? You may even want to hire their services to gain a leg up on your competitors. Think outside the box, and you shouldn't have any trouble finding suitable live entertainment the event.

Use Floating Or Hanging Displays

What if people only walk halfway around the trade show before doubling back? They may never know about your business because they didn't cross paths with your display. But what if you had done something differently? Then, you could have gotten their attention and made them seek your exhibit out. That's why you should use floating or hanging displays above your spot. They're fun, and they'll make people stop and say, "Hey, what's that?".

Some Final Thoughts

Do you need help with your next trade show exhibit? Perhaps you've been down the road alone before and just can't take it again. Or maybe this is your first event, and you have too much on your plate to take on design and construction tasks. Don't worry, whatever the case. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits for all of your trade show display needs.

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