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Four Straightforward Ways To Promote Your Blog

Blogs are a great strategy to drive traffic to your website and educate customers about your brand, products, and industry. However, without promotion, even if you write the best blog in your industry, no one will read it. Fortunately, there are several ways to promote your blog that are easy to implement and will have a high return. Here are four promotion ideas to get you started.

1. Deploy Keywords For Organic Promotion

Keywords are the terms that people query in a search engine. These keywords can range from single words to an entire question. Understand these keywords and how they work can help you drive more traffic to your blog. Start by doing your keyword research to determine what keyword and keyword phrases you should work into your content. Then make sure that you are implementing the right keyword density for the best return.

2. Share Your Content Across Multiple Social Media Channels

Sharing your content will help inform your audience about your blog. It will also help gain new followers and potential customers. Make sure to share your blog across all of the social media platforms you use. Make sure that you include the link to the blog in your social media post. Another great idea is to implement analytics tracking. This will tell you exactly which social media channel is sending you the most readers.

3. Incorporate Visuals

Visuals like photos, images, and infographics increase the likelihood of your content being read. Visuals also help ensure that your blog makes a lasting impact on the readers. Studies show that people are around 6.5 times more likely to remember visual content over written content. When crafting your blogs, make sure to always incorporate an accompanying visual element.

4. Let Your Email Subscribers Know

Your email subscribers have opted into learning more about your business and industry. They are your ideal audience. Make sure that when you send your next mass email, you let your subscribers know that you have a new blog post. A good idea is to tease the subject matter with a short description and a visual. That will encourage subscribers to click the link and read the full blog.

These four ideas are just the basics of blog promotion to help drive more traffic. For more ideas, make sure to follow our blog at Lighthouse Exhibits. We provide a lot of great marketing ideas to help you grow your brand.

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