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Five Digital Marketing Trends To Try In 2021

Trends come and go, but if you capitalize on trends at the right time you can generate a lot of business. With the outbreak of Coronavirus, the biggest trend of 2020 was the shift of marketing strategies from in person to digital platforms. This trend will continue into 2021, but we’ll see a lot more effective use of digital platforms. Here are the biggest trends expected in 2021 that you can adopt for your own marketing strategy.

1. Social Media Stays Strong

Social media will continue to stay a key sales channel. However, this year marketers will have to diversify their content to incorporate newer platforms like TikTok and upgrades like Instagram Reels. We’ll see more video and livestream content in 2021.

2. Interactive Content Gets More Engagement

Interactive content is anything that engages the customer to take action. It can be a game, a calculator, or a survey. Interactive content prompts very high engagement rates and also increases your social shares. Make sure that when you develop your interactive content, you also monitor your efforts with analytics tools to capture and assess valuable customer data.

3. Conversational Marketing Expands

With the expansion of automated chat features, many companies are implementing conversational marketing campaigns. Conversational marketing is a dialogue-driven interaction with your customers that helps guide them through your products and answers their questions. These campaigns have a high rate of engagement and build brand trust and customer loyalty.

4. More Automation Of Marketing Efforts

Artificial intelligence is rapidly expanding and becoming increasingly more affordable. This technology is giving businesses the opportunity to automate a number of their marketing efforts. From AI chatbots to auto-generated social media posts, automation will free marketers of a number of tasks allowing them to expand their efforts.

5. Voice Search

Voice search technology has been around for years. However, it has been clumsy and difficult to use for the most part. However, that is beginning to change. Voice searches are increasing and will soon be the standard. Voice search is often more-question based than typed queries, so marketers will have to adjust their SEO strategies to increase their SERP.

These are just some of the trends to consider implementing for your business in 2021. For more of these latest marketing trends and some great ideas on how to expand your digital marketing efforts, follow our blog. The marketing experts at Lighthouse Exhibits offer a range of great tips to help you generate ideas and get new business.

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