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Don’t Forget To Exploit Mobile Technology At Your Next Trade Show

Smartphones are essentially just powerful, portable, and extremely diverse computers that everyone now carries. As a result, this mobile technology has created many new possibilities for you to use in a trade show setting. Because the vast majority of business people will carry this device, you can try these unique techniques for exploiting the technology to your advantage.

Use Apps & Text For Scheduling

Printing out schedules can be time-consuming and risky since printouts can get lost. However, since most people now have smartphones, depending on your budget, you can create an app for general or trade show use or get phone numbers to use the text/SMS function instead.

QR Codes

While indecipherable to the human eye, using QR codes is a fast way to reference a lot of data in a format that smartphones can quickly recognize and process. The random pattern of black-and-white shapes is easy to print and display and can be used to link to websites and other data.

Use QR codes in your exhibition space, business cards, and even corporate literature to give smartphone users a convenient digital reference point.

Conduct Polls

Smartphones can also be used to give you valuable data or even take a vote. You can include a survey or poll that gets the information you’re looking for, such as suggestions for improvement, requests for specific types of service, or even just what visitors thought of the experience.

All of this provides valuable data for later analytics. You can use it to sharpen your product or service and approach your next event if suggestions or constructive feedback resonate. It’s a great way to get a faster, more accurate picture of your work and can even lead to improvements while still at the trade show.

Gamify Your Trade Show Experience

Using mobile technology, you can make your trade show exhibit more interactive. Simple “games,” such as scavenger hunts collecting photos of specific items or collecting QR codes scattered around the show floor, can result in extra rewards for participants.

This has the effect of making your exhibit experience more memorable for visitors. People love playing games and winning things. The ability to gamify your exhibit and your marketing adds an extra level of engagement that an ordinary brochure or website experience can’t easily replicate. Fortunately, smartphones have several applications that now make this easy to implement.

If you’re interested in participating in a trade show and want to make the most of your exhibit space, we can help. Contact us and ask us about exhibit design and construction services.

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