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Creative Ways To Attract Visitors To A Trade Show Exhibit

Some business owners try and try to create the perfect trade show exhibits, only to fail when visitors barely even give their displays a glance. So, if they don't even look, they certainly don't stop in to learn about products, services, or the company's brand. Would you like to avoid such a fate? Attract visitors to your trade show display in these creative ways.

Make The Exhibit Interactive

There are many different ways to create interactive trade show displays. Some designers add social walls or photo opportunities to exhibits. Meanwhile, others take things a step further with interactive flooring. Basically, the panels or tiles react when people walk across them. Interactive elements can be simple or complex. They pique people's interest, get them to participate, and generate buzz. Hence, don't be surprised if everybody starts talking about your booth after you deck it out with interactive elements.

Live Plant Walls

Often, trade shows are full of exhibits featuring the same old things. For instance, it isn't uncommon to walk around some events where displays are nothing more than tables. Therefore, if you want to attract attention, it's time to start thinking outside the box. Live green plant walls are something that can set your exhibit apart from the rest, especially if the trade show is indoors. Not only will this give your spot a fresh appearance, but it can help with branding as well.

For example, the live plants can assist in showing visitors that your products are environmentally friendly. Or does your company go above and beyond when it comes to environmental practices? If that's the case, live plant walls could help say that.

Comfortable Sofas And Chairs

If you've been to multiple trade shows, there's a good chance you didn't find anywhere to stop, sit, and rest. That's because there typically isn't an abundance of such places at these events. Therefore, you may not have to be all that creative to attract visitors to your exhibit. Outfit your display with comfortable sofas, chairs, and other kinds of seating. Guests will be drawn to these elements, like moths to flames. They'll appreciate having a cozy place to relax for a bit and will be happy to listen to what your exhibitors have to say.

Some Final Thoughts

Do you need help with your trade show display? Lighthouse Exhibits has a full line of service offerings including but not limited to graphic design, exhibit building, and I&D. So, why ever would you attempt to go it alone? Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to schedule a consultation today.

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