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Creative Trade Show Display Ideas To Make A Splash

Do you have big plans for this year's trade show exhibit? If so, that's great to hear, and the best of luck to you. However, it's probably safe to assume that not everybody is quite so prepared. But don't fret if that describes you to a T because all may not be lost. The following are some creative trade show display ideas you can use that are sure to make a splash.

Build A Calming Space

Let's face it; a trade show can wear you out. There's usually a bunch of walking around and talking to guests, reps, etc. Everything is often go, go, go and non-stop. As such, that can be pretty stressful and overwhelming for attendees. So, why not use your trade show exhibit to build a calming space for them? Almost any business can incorporate some form of downtime into a display. Something as simple as chairs and charging stations could do the trick. Then again, people may appreciate places to sit and rest with snacks to eat. The hope is that visitors will be drawn to your spot for the calm, and they'll be open to listening to pitches about products or services.

Create A Photo Opportunity For Guests

Most visitors to trade shows are going to have phones with cameras in their pockets. Many of the individuals likely enjoy taking selfies and other pictures, only to post the images on social media sites. Why not use that to your advantage? You can dedicate a portion of your trade show display to create a photo opportunity for guests. So, be sure to have your company's hashtag, website, logo, or something of that nature in a location where it will be captured in the photos. Then, they'll snap pics and post them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Can you say free marketing?

Make A Designated Meeting Space

If you haven't thought about incorporating a designated meeting space into your trade show display design, you should. This will make a splash because exhibits with semi-enclosed spaces are all the rage right now. Visitors appreciate having a safe location to ask questions and get the info they seek without feeling as if everyone else in the room is staring at them.

Some Final Words

Do you need assistance with your trade show display? It doesn't matter if you want one of the designs above or something completely different, our exhibit professionals can help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to schedule a consultation today.

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