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Creating A Trade Show Exhibit That Stands Out From The Rest

Exhibit design and custom exhibits are all about standing out from the crowd. It’s about representing your brand in a way that is unique, personal, and gives a taste of the kind of experience your brand will offer. At a trade show, you’re likely to be one brand of many on the floor, so making sure you’re able to stand out on your own can be something of a challenge. Expert exhibit design isn’t just about building the aesthetic but building the kind of experience visitors are likely to have when they walk up to your custom exhibit.

Trade shows are fun, bustling, and exciting, but because of this they can also be tiring after a long day. As visitors are winding down and chatting amongst themselves about all that they’ve seen and the connections they’ve made, your exhibit can be a relaxation hub when you focus on comfort in your exhibit design. Branded charging stations for devices, comfortable chairs, and snacks or refreshments can keep visitors lingering a bit longer, giving you more time to communicate your brand in a memorable and caring way.

Your trade show exhibit can also appeal to all five senses. For entertainment, luxury, tech, or adventure brands, creating an exhibit that offers an immersive experience is exciting and all-encompassing. A spa, for example, can play soothing music, infuse the air with fresh scents of lavender or bamboo, offer cold water, and use soft fabrics in soothing colors to immerse visitors to the exhibit in their overall brand atmosphere. Attendees get a real taste of the brand from an exhibit that places them within that brand itself.

Another way to stand out is to get social and interactive with your exhibit. A digital wall that displays mentions, retweets, and brand hashtags across social media platforms is an excellent way for tech-focused brands to join the physical and the digital as one in their exhibit design. Photo ops with props or backdrops alongside special trade show hashtags get visitors in on the digital fun, and it creates a perfect contest or giveaway opportunity.

Success is standing out at trade shows, and the best exhibit design will help you to do just that. To learn more about standing out with a creative custom exhibit, contact Lighthouse Exhibits.

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