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Creating A Standout Corporate Exhibit Experience

Corporate trade shows are excellent opportunities for networking and collaboration. In order to stand out amongst other attendees at a trade show, keeping up with the latest strategy, tech, and design trends is a must. Tips for creating a standout exhibit experience for a corporate trade show event are:

  • Hybridization – Hybrid events are a pandemic-era relic that has become a mainstay in corporate trade show events. While the in-person experience has become maximalist, highly interactive, and engaging, hybridizing helps to open up the show to the world. With hybridization technologies, live streams, and virtual engagement, attendance is not limited to tickets sold or how many can safely navigate a trade show floor. With hybridization, brands are able to reach their in-person audiences as well as those they may have never been able to connect with without a hybrid option.

  • Event apps – Mobile event apps give attendees a new, personal, and exciting way to interact with an exhibit. While attendees use your app to interact with your demonstrations or exhibit, you can also collect data regarding their engagement. Once the trade show is over, the app may be used to continue interaction, share new information, or tease launches. There is a big push for on demand interactive content in 2023, and event apps are an easy way to provide it.

  • Social media is taking the place of business cards – In 2023, business cards are considered a thing of the past. Instead, corporate events are focused on in-person networking and sharing social media details like LinkedIn connections instead. While business cards may have been a classic and a “mainstay” for decades, it’s this in person interaction and social media incorporation that really communicates the personality and character of a brand.

  • Market experiences – Traditional marketing isn’t enough; attendees want more. This year there’s a lot of larger than life experiences to be had at corporate trade shows and events. Exhibits with immersive interactive content using VR, actors, demonstrations, provisions, and more leave attendees thinking about an exhibit long after the trade show is done. The big trend in 2023 is to hit on as many senses as possible when creating an exhibit design. Exhibitors are incorporating scent, exciting visuals, sound, touch, and even taste to envelop attendees in their experiences.

Expectations are high for exhibits at corporate trade shows in 2023. To learn more about standing out in the modern trade show world, contact Lighthouse Exhibits.

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