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Breakout Session Ideas For Your Virtual Trade Show

Breakout sessions are a great way to encourage networking among your virtual trade show participants. Breakout sessions also have a number of benefits. They improve virtual trade show attendance, offer an avenue to explore niche-specific content, and help provide breaks and interest in the schedule. If you are thinking about adding breakout sessions to your upcoming virtual trade show, here are some ideas to explore.

1. Speed Networking

Speed networking is similar to speed dating. You give attendees 5-10 minutes to speak to each other to see if there’s alignment. You can structure speed networking in a number of ways including offering one-on-one sessions and group sessions. This is a great way to help your attendees meet more people and find more customers or providers.

2. Host A Q&A

A Q&A session is a great way for attendees to get the information they need. Setting up a Q&A is pretty straightforward. You identify industry experts, schedule the event, and let people ask them questions. You can do this as an individual interview, a group interview, or a roundtable discussion with audience questions. You can either let people type questions into a chat bar or open the floor for a broader discussion.

3. Host A Trivia Session

Nothing will make a virtual trade show more fun than playing a game together. An easy game to set up is an industry specific trivia session. Your host will ask the questions, tally the points or participants, and announce the winner. You can even include a prize. Trivia is a great way to encourage people to network and bond over a little healthy competition.

4. Do A Workbook Together

Workbooks are a great way for attendees to get the most out of what they learn. You will create spaces with a limited number of individuals in each. Then you will introduce the purpose of the session and send them the workbook. Then you will encourage participants to work together and fill out the questions. Workbooks can be a great way to help your audience put what they learned into actionable use and learn more about one another.

Breakout sessions are a great way to ensure that your attendees not only learn a lot at your virtual conference, but have fun and network. If you’d like to host a breakout session at your next virtual trade show, the team at Lighthouse Exhibits can help. Our Nexhibithall has a number of features that can help you set up and host any type of breakout session.

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