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B2B Email Marketing Best Practices That Increase Conversions

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to get new customers, increase customer retention, and have people engage with their brand. When you launch an email marketing campaign, ensuring the success requires following best practices. These practices ensure that you are not only creating email content that converts, but that you are not getting sent to the junk folder.

Why Email Marketing Is A Great Strategy For B2B Sales

Email marketing is not just great for advertising your products, services, and brand. It also offers a lot of secondary benefits that can help your business grow. Email marketing is a great way to collect feedback and get to know your audience. It can offer value add to your customers creating customer loyalty and retention. It’s also inexpensive, easy to measure, and provides instant impact. If you are not running an email marketing campaign for your business, it is highly recommended.

10 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices To Follow

When you launch an email marketing campaign, it’s critical that you follow the best practices for optimal success. Here are some rules to live by:

1. Always verify your list before sending to make sure you don’t damage your ESP reputation

2. Personalize and target the content to the recipient

3. Format your email so it is between 500-650 pixels wide

4. Write compelling and inspiring subject lines

5. Make your email content skimmable

6. Use a friendly and conversational tone in the body of your email

7. Ensure your email content adds value for your audience

8. Have one CTA per email

9. Time your emails for when people are most likely to open them like during work hours

10. Allow your audience to unsubscribe easily

Following these ten best practices will help you craft and send the perfect email.

Measure Your Success And Fine Tune Your Strategy

Once you’ve sent your email campaign, it’s important that you measure your success. Make sure to track open and click rates to ensure you are delivering the right content. You can also use this information to further segment your lists by customer interest. Depending on the results of the campaign you can deploy new strategies like A/B testing or try different formats and content. The more actively you engage in your email strategy, the more likely you will have a lot of success.

Email marketing is a really effective way to grow your customer base. However, it’s important that you follow email best practices to ensure that you are getting the highest ROI for your efforts. For more digital marketing strategies, follow our blog at Lighthouse Exhibits. Our team is here to support B2B marketers and find new ways to generate leads and foster brand engagement.

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