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Are You Ready For Hybrid Events?

The global pandemic has created numerous challenges for industries and businesses that require a personal touch. For example, trade shows and other events must be conducted with greater care to avoid the possibility of becoming super spreader events.

However, just because large-scale, uncontrolled live events pose health risks, not all in-person events are off the table. It’s still possible to host live events, and what’s more, it’s possible to go the middle ground and make them hybrid events.

What Is A Hybrid Event?

If a physical, on-site event is the traditional method for in-person meetings and gatherings, and a virtual event is a strictly online version, a hybrid mixes the two. A hybrid event is one where there are some people physically present in the physical space. However, the event is also augmented by a digital component that allows others to access it even if they’re not physically present.

This manages to meet two needs. First, for that difficult to define “personal touch” that comes from face-to-face meetings, a hybrid event still allows for physical interactions that some people prefer or are accustomed to. Second, however, the digital aspect allows those with health or accessibility issues to retain access to content or even people for potential lead generation.

Safety First

The chief advantage of a hybrid event is that it provides a greater measure of control, especially over the physical safety aspects of on-site interactions. Attendees can be limited to the requirements of a space, and social distancing and mask protocols can be strictly enforced if required. This is much easier to do in a smaller, controlled physical space rather than a public event where people can wander in.

Depending on the protocols a business wishes to observe, mask-wearing and other practices can be deployed, or even selective attendance, with those who are vaccinated offered preferential treatment for the safety of others.

Keeping Things Open

However, the digital aspect allows others to participate and enjoy the interactions and content of an event even if timing, logistics, finances, or even health and disability issues prevent physical attendance. This means that even if you conduct a closely controlled seminar, you can add “webinar” aspects to it so that physical attendees get the personal touch while digital attendees still enjoy access.

With the proper scale and control, Hybrid events can provide a good compromise for safe, physical events that still allow for digital access. If you’d like to know more, contact Lighthouse Exhibits.

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