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The Return Of Live Events: Preparing For A Trade Show In 2021

The rollout of vaccines has served as a silver lining that caused the relaxation of pandemic regulations in many areas. Now, it is safe to say that live events are back. That includes trade shows and exhibitions.

Despite the growth in virtual events in 2020, trade shows are seen to regain importance post-pandemic. So, it is crucial for marketing professionals and trade show planners to prepare for trade show participation in 2021.

The Importance of Space

Before returning to trade shows, it is necessary to review your exhibit design. Space is now an important element to consider. Booths have to offer safe spacing between visitors. Think about the venue capacity of the event you plan on joining. Then, figure out whether you have to expand the layout. Make sure there is enough room between fixtures.

If your booths typically include demonstration set-ups or interactive kiosks, ensure adequate space for guests to maintain safe social distancing requirements. Openings, such as the entrances and exits, should allow exhibit goers to flow freely through your area without having to brush shoulders with other attendees.

Focusing on Quality Instead of Quantity

Many trade shows and exhibitions will limit ticket sales and enforce maximum capacities inside a booth to observe proper social distancing. Despite this, it is no cause for worry. Instead of focusing on the number of visitors, you have to consider the quality of the event attendees. This takes research. Before registering for a trade show, make sure it will give you the best opportunity to reach your target customers.

Reviewing Budgeting Techniques

Many companies tend to lump expenses together when developing their marketing budget for trade shows. Instead of doing that, consider going granular. Itemize costs. For instance, instead of a shipping budget, plan your expenses for each type of item. Doing this will help you determine which ones you can reduce if necessary.

Working More on Digital Marketing

Since there may be fewer potential clients attending trade shows this year, it is a great idea to put more effort into digital marketing. Increase the company’s online presence to reach out to your target audience before and after an event.

These are only some tips you can use when preparing for trade shows in 2021. If you are looking for the best partner for trade show participation, contact Lighthouse Exhibits Inc.

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