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5 Swag Ideas To Best Communicate Your Brand

Swag is a great way to ensure that a brand is remembered. It serves as a memento that trade show attendees can revisit long after the hustle and bustle of the event has ceased. When attending a trade show with your exhibit, you want to make sure you’re leaving your visitors with something that will perfectly communicate and represent your brand.

When selecting swag products to offer at your trade show exhibit, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. You’ll want to select gifts that are memorable, either by the product itself or the brand design. You want to provide something high quality to ensure that your brand is being shown in the most positive light. You’re also going to want something useful to allow attendees to revisit your exhibit and your brand each time they reach to use it.

5 excellent swag ideas to communicate your brand in the best light are:

1. Branded wireless chargers – Wireless chargers or charging stations are unique, useful, and sharable, making them a perfect trade show choice. Brand imaging is placed right on the top of the charging station, so as it’s used by attendees and others, it’s your brand message they’re going to see first before they set down their device.

2. Resistance bands – For brands who prioritize wellness, health, and an anti-stress massage, resistance bands are a useful and unique swag idea. Branding will be placed on the center or handles of the resistance bands, and it can be used at one’s desk as a simple and effective anti-stress tool.

3. High quality journal – Journals are versatile and can be used for brainstorming, taking notes, jotting down contacts, doodling, and so much more. Branding placed on the front cover keeps your exhibit in the minds of attendees each time they open to flip through the pages.

4. Portable speaker – Portable speakers can adequately represent outdoors brands, tech companies, entertainment brands, and much more. These speakers can be standard or waterproof with branding placed just about anywhere on the product.

5. Face masks – Face masks are the new useful swag product as the world transitions back into getting together again. They send a message of caring, health, and joining together, and messaging can be placed front and center for excellent brand representation.

For more information on exhibit design, custom exhibits, and creating a memorable trade show experience, contact Lighthouse Exhibits.

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