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5 Easy Steps To Plan A Webinar

Webinars are an excellent tool for helping increase your brand’s visibility. They can be used to promote a new product or service. They can help you capture new leads and build your network. They can also help position your brand as an industry leader. If you’ve never hosted a webinar before, it’s probably easier than you think. Here are five steps to plan and host a successful webinar.

1. Determine Your Webinar Format

Next you’ll need to determine your format. There are several format options:

● One speaker that presents to an audience

● Interviews with another person

● Moderated panel of experts

● Interactive panels where the audience participates in the discussion

Once you know what type of webinar you want to host, you’ll need to choose a platform,

2. Choose Your Webinar Platform

The webinar platform is where you will present. There are many options depending on what you plan on doing. If you will have a small audience, consider a video conferencing app like Zoom or Teams. However, if you plan on having multiple presenters and a large audience, you’ll need something like Nexibit Hall.

3. Create Visuals And Write A Script

Next, you’ll want to start working on your webinar content. Consider including visuals with a powerpoint. You’ll also want to work on your script. Hubspot has an excellent how-to for webinar script writing you can find here. Make sure to also make an agenda for your guests. You can distribute this either before or during the presentation.

4. Practice! Practice! Practice!

The saying practice makes perfect absolutely applies to webinars. You’ll want to do tests on your equipment to make sure that your video, sound, and lighting quality are all good. You’ll also have to practice going through your presentation and practicing your script. Make sure to include some of your coworkers on your practice round to get some honest feedback.

5. Announce And Market

Finally, you’ll want to announce your webinar and send out invites. One of the keys to a successful webinar is to advertise across all digital channels. Make sure to send email invites, place it on your website, and blast it out on your social media.

Following these five easy steps will help you host your first webinar. For more digital marketing ideas, check out our blog at Lighthouse Exhibits. We’re always here to help marketers come up with great ideas to expand their brands.

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