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4 Tips For Successful Trade Show Networking

When businesses participate in a trade show, one of the expected benefits is generating new business by having a trade show company build an exhibit and then using that exhibit to attract new potential customers or clients. Reaching out to people at a specialist trade show means more active, targeted leads that often result in customer and client growth for a product or service. However, another big benefit of attending a trade show is the intangibles of networking. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Collect Cards

Some business people make a mistake in thinking the most important thing is for you to give your business cards away. However, while that’s true at your exhibit when it comes to networking, the real value comes not in giving your card to other executives and business people but in making sure you collect their cards.

Giving your card means you are relying on them to take action and contact you. When you have their card, you can reach out as and when you need to.

Ready Your Elevator Pitch

The ”elevator pitch” is a quick concept or statement that has been honed and edited down to the point where it can be understood and quickly delivered in the time it takes to ride an elevator. When you’re meeting many people and trying to sell a product or service, an effective, memorable elevator pitch will save time and make it easier for you to promote your business.

Research Attendees

The best way to do business with specific companies or individuals is to know where they will be. Look at a list of attendees for a trade show and see if there are any companies or people that appear on your wish list for wanting to interact and have business dealings. You’ll never know about these opportunities unless you do your research.

Schedule Meetings

When you have people you specifically want to meet, don’t leave it to chance or hope you can track them down on the day. Make it a point to reach out to some and see if it’s possible to arrange a meeting. This is at least part of what trade shows are for, so make use of this tangential benefit, nail down the most important meetings, and have a time and a place to prepare for.

If you’re thinking of taking part in a trade show and want to plan your exhibit, we can help. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits, and we can assist you with designing and constructing your trade show exhibit.

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