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4 Tips for a More Successful Trade Show

Planning a successful trade show as an exhibitor requires a fair amount of creativity, resilience, and patience. Many B2B organizations measure trade show success using leads, opportunities, and the return on investment, but you also have to keep in mind how much effort is put into each show to really determine its overall success rate.

With that being said, here are 4 tips for a more successful trade show.

1. Make Sure to Plan Ahead

One of the more important things you can do as an exhibitor ahead of your trade show event is to plan ahead and remember that it is never too early to jump on the planning process. Determine travel dates, book flights when you can get them cheaper if necessary, and secure rooms if needed before the hotels in the area or at the trade show sell out.

In addition to staying on top of these logistics, you also want to pre-plan some campaign work. For example, are you launching a new product at the same time as the trade show? Maybe you have industry news to share. Start composing emails with this information four to six weeks before the event. Email is a great platform to use for these types of announcements.

2. Prepare Your Team

Now you want to prepare your team of exhibitors. Communication is going to be one of the more important tools you have. Everyone should be on the same page, from the marketing and sales teams to the executive team. Invite everyone ahead of time to prep the booth and prepare for the trade show, and set realistic goals you want to achieve.

3. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Exhibitors should post photos of their trade show booth before, during, and after each event. Invite attendees to visit your booth. Maybe you have a demo or a contest that will entice them. Whenever you post on your social media platforms, make sure to include the number of your trade show booth and the event hashtag, so you are easier to find.

4. Always Follow Up

Once the trade show is over, it is time to debrief your team. You can note what may have worked well and what you may want to work on for future trade show events. This is also a good time to see if your messaging resonates with attendees.

Finally, make sure to follow up on all leads you generated with the trade show. This is potential business for you, so build up the data to see how many qualified leads you have and use this and other data for improved attendance at future trade shows.

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