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3 Must-Have Solutions For Any Trade Show Exhibit

Is there a trade show coming up that your business really needs to make a splash at? Perhaps generating leads and increasing sales are your primary concerns. Or maybe, this event is all about making connections and forging relationships. Whatever the case, you won't be able to do much of anything if guests don't stop by your display. So, it's up to you to grab their attention and get your foot in the door. The following are three trade show exhibit solutions. One or more of them could be a great fit for your next event. Hence, don't go away. Instead, read on to learn more and find the idea you need to take your display to the next level.

Give Away Branded Swag

Are you worried about visitors forgetting your business's name as soon as they leave the trade show? It's easy to see how that could become a legitimate problem. After all, people attending these events walk around, see tons of displays, and have information thrown at them, left and right. So, how about giving away branded swag? That will let guests take advertisements home with them via T-shirts, koozies, etc. Then, hopefully, they'll see your company's name and remember to contact you when a particular need arises.

Use A Guest Speaker

People like to hear experts talk about subjects. Just look at the success some individuals have on Ted Talk or YouTube videos. Thus, why not use that to your advantage and obtain the services of a guest speaker to draw an audience to your company's trade show exhibit? Are you well-known in such a manner within your local community? If that's the case, you may want to fill the guest speaker role yourself if you have a way with words. Regardless of who you choose, a guest lecturer could be exactly what your exhibit needs to stand apart from the rest.

Install A Photo Booth

A photo booth could be a fun way to entice visitors to stop at your display. People want pictures, regardless of what they're doing. Don't just take these words for it, though. Rather, take a peek at social media sites to see all the videos and images that get posted there. So, install a photo booth on your exhibit. Guests will want to stop and get their pictures done to commemorate the moment. Then, while they're there, your exhibitors will be able to pitch them on products, services, or something else on the agenda.

Some Final Words

Do you not have the time to design and build a display? If you answered yes, why not relinquish those duties to a full-service exhibit company? Contact Lighthouse Exhibits to schedule an appointment and discuss your available options today.

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