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4 Easy Ways To Stand Out After The Trade Show Ends

One of the biggest challenges at a trade show isn't what you might think. Plenty of exhibitors are able to get attendees to visit their exhibit throughout the show. But what is harder to do is to make sure that those attendees actually remember your exhibit after they leave and the trade show ends.

There are some steps that you can take to help your business stand out after the end of the show, however. Remember the following and you'll be able to craft a trade show appearance that gets you maximum ROI and will be remembered by attendees long after the exhibits come down - building conversions and connections in a big way.

  1. Connect Personally - Personal connections are a huge part of being remembered. Exhibitors need to make it a point to connect personally with as many attendees as they can. Talk to them, ask them what they need or want, and show them how you can solve their problems. That personal connection matters more than you might think.

  2. Showcase Properly - Don't just hand out a picture of your product and tell someone what it does. Instead, try to showcase your products and services live. Demonstrations, direct interaction with attendees, videos, and more can all be used to really showcase what you're offering​

  3. Freebies - Freebies are a trade show staple for a reason. They make it easy to send every attendee away with something that has your contact info and branding on it. This could help them remember you, but be sure to make it interesting - countless other exhibitors will be offering their own freebies.

  4. Exhibit Design - Another key component that you need to consider is the exhibit itself. A bland exhibit that doesn't showcase your brand, your ideas, or what you provide will be largely forgotten and blend into all of the others that an attendee sees while at the show. Instead, you need to use an exhibit design that stands out.

If you'll keep these basic points in mind you should be able to stand out in the minds of everyone who visits your exhibit. This way, you'll be thought of long after they leave. It's up to you to make those personal connections, but when it comes to exhibit design and construction our team of professionals can help make sure that you get an exhibit that will get results for you. Contact Lighthouse Exhibits today to let us get started.

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