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Making The Most Of Your Livestream

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lot of trade shows either canceled or postponed. Businesses that rely on events like those to generate leads have had to look for more creative ways to present their product or service to new prospects.

If you’re experiencing this now, you’re probably looking for a way to keep your marketing efforts going to stay in touch with your network.

Nothing beats in-person marketing, but the next best thing you can do to stay relevant to your audience in this time of social distancing is by joining or setting up a virtual event.

This involves livestreaming, and if you’re new to this medium, here are some ways to make it work for you:

  • Use A Professional Backdrop

Even if you’re working from home or at a remote location, make sure to have a professional backdrop. Set up a small booth if you want in order to ramp up that trade show experience, or you can deploy a pop-up banner that helps communicate your brand. Keep the framing of your backdrop in mind—everything should be organized and well-maintained.

  • Look At The Camera

Think of the camera as someone else’s eyes. Imagine talking to them as you would at an offline trade show. Eye contact is essential—even in a virtual space.

Try to not get distracted by the people on the monitor or by your face. Either can easily make you lose your train of thought. Similarly, doing so diverts your audience’s attention as well.

  • Respond To Comments

If you have a team behind you, instruct them to respond to comments in real time. In comparison to waiting for the event to end before replying, responding with a sense of urgency brings a lot of value to your audience. It makes them feel as if you are listening and taking the time to talk to them as the event progresses.

This is a simple way to boost engagement during your event, so don’t let the opportunity to build brand loyalty pass you by.

  • Try Multi-Streaming

One platform isn’t enough nowadays, especially if you’ve managed to create communities in certain channels. If you have a strong following on Facebook or YouTube, consider multi-streaming.

When promoting, let your audience know the different ways they can stream your event.

  • Keep An Eye On Your Stream

Alternatively, you can assign a team member to do this for you. Ask them to alert you if they ever notice that the display is off or the audio isn’t syncing. This is to ensure that everything is running as planned throughout your event.

Livestreaming might seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, everything else will follow. If you’re having a little trouble with your online event, don’t worry. At Lighthouse Exhibits, we’re always ready to help.

For more tips and ideas on how to stand out and generate leads even in these uncertain times, check out our blog.

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